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Numerology is about the magic and deepness of numbers. When we look at a number, we see a number. If we think about what we can do with numbers we start relating to mathematical equations and money. These are of course our main day to day use for numbers; what things add up to, how much money we have or can make, looking at basic calculations within our job or studies.

Numerology readings look at other things to; Did you ever think, that there is more to your date of birth than it just being a date? Have you ever considered that we personally grow with age and each year we become a different number and different areas in our lives seem to progress with us? Sure not every 22 year old learns the same at that age, but 22 has a meaning and together with your individual fate and name number, it should show how you progress at this age. There is so much to learn with numerology readings and your name and fate numbers are the first places to start.

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Clear Personal Numerology

Have you ever found that you keep on seeing a certain number in your life? And then somewhere down the line that number becomes a lucky number in your life, for instance you keep seeing the number 5, it sticks in your head, then you end up finding your perfect house and its number 5! Well this is a little like numer…

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